Credit Cards?

We Accept Both Cash and Credit Cards.  And yes, we accept American Express! 


Check out our "Hours" page on the website, it will give you all the up to date info! 


Check out our "Locations" page on our website, it will give you all the up to date info! 

Gift Cards?

Yes! We have gift cards ready for pickup at all of our stands!  They are $4 each.  They are good towards the purchase of one snowcone, any flavor.  


Our Fresh Fruit Snowcone prices are $4 each.  Our syrups are made from scratch, by us! We create our flavors using fresh fruits and all natural ingredients to provide a unique snowcone flavor we can confidently say you have never tasted before.  And they are pretty YUMMY! The time, equipment, and cost of ingredients that goes into each snowcone is what justifies our prices.   

In addition, we offer a separate menu of "Natural Classics"..  Natural Classics are flavors such as Cherry, Strawberry, Grape, etc.  While we do not make these flavors by hand, we source them from a supplier that uses only natural ingredients, and plant based dyes. We find that sometimes Kiddo's aren't as adventurous with new flavors they don't know the name of, so these are a great alternative!   The price for the Natural Classics menu is $3 each. 

Sugar Free?

We are sad to say we do not offer a sugar free flavor at this time.  We have investigated this one for a while but haven't been able to come up with a great solution.  We try and stay true to our aim and claim of an All-Natural menu.  While there are some amazing alternative sugar substitutes that land within the All-Natural approach, they just don't make them very cost effective yet.  The recipes we've been able to derive from these approaches would mean a very expensive snowcone price.  There are some sugar substitutes out there that are cost effective, but unfortunately they don't land within our All-Natural approach.  So we've found ourselves in a spot where we just haven't come up with a great solution as of yet.  We apologize to all of our sugar-free friends!! 

Events & Catering?

The short answer is, unfortunately no we do not offer catering or traveling to events at this time.  The longer answer, including our "Party-To-Go" option is on the "Catering" tab.  Check it out! 


This is one of the most flattering questions we receive.  To think that someone is impressed enough with our Shivers experience that they would want to recreate it in a new location is a huge affirmation to us.  While we are so flattered, at this time we are choosing to keep our business a family business and grow within.  We'll let you know if that ever changes :)